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Ingrown toenails are a very common problem that affects people of various ages. This problem occurs when the edges of toenails penetrate the skin surrounding it. In the early stage, it may cause just a minor discomfort or pain, but as the nail grows and continues to go deeper inside the skin, it may cause inflammation. This inflammation can spread to the surrounding tissues and cause infection and pain. Ingrown toenails can make wearing normal shoes impossible and can get stuck in clothes and bedsheets. 

Below are some reasons for the development of ingrown toenails:

  • Wearing wrong fitting shoes ie either too tight or too narrow shoes. 
  • Not taking proper care of nails or cutting the nails too short may cause the sharp edges of nails to go deeper into the skin.
  • You should avoid stubbing your toe or dropping something on the toes which can cause the nail to grow in an irregular manner. 
  • The shape of nails also depends on genetics. 
  • Excessive sweating and poor foot hygiene can also cause ingrown toenails.

In some cases, if you cut your nails in a proper way keeps the pain away, but for some people, a regular appointment with a dermatologist is required.

The commonly used surgeries for ingrown toenails include:

  • Wedge resection: In this procedure, the doctor will remove a small portion of your toenail to prevent it from digging into the skin. This surgery is called partial nail avulsion.
  • Toenail removal: In this process, the doctor removes the whole toenail. There is always a chance that the nail will grow back which can further increase the risk of ingrown toenails. It can take around 18 months for the full growth of the nail back. This surgery is called complete nail plate avulsion.
  • Surgery on the tip of the toe: If all other surgeries have been unsuitable for a patient, the doctor will remove and reshape the soft tissue present at the tip of the toe. 
  • Matrixectomy: This process is necessary when wedge resection or nail removal fails. In this procedure, the doctor removes the nail bed as well as the nail.  

People who come to the Delhi Skin Hospital are very happy and relieved after the whole procedure of nail surgery in Sirsa, Haryana due to the following reasons:

  1. The issue can be permanently resolved with nail surgery. 
  2. Pain is reduced, and the infection source is eliminated. It's a painless process.
  3. You can get back to your regular activities without any discomfort.
  4. You will regain the ability to wear normal shoes.

Given below are the details of the process of nail surgery:

  • On the day of nail removal surgery, you should carry on with your normal routine. 
  • During the procedure, the toe is anaesthetized with local anaesthesia applied to the base of the toe. 
  • When your toe gets completely numb, an antiseptic solution is applied to reduce any chances of infection in the toe. The extra nail piece will be removed. 
  • A chemical solution is also applied at the end to stop the nail from growing again.
  • After this, a protective dressing will be placed on your toe, and the operation is then complete. The whole procedure takes around one hour.
  • A follow-up appointment is scheduled for re-dressing of the toe.

After the process of nail surgery in Sirsa, Haryana, a large dressing is placed on your toe. You should come back to your home and rest as much as possible for the next couple of days. If you have to wear shoes, they shouldn't be tight. Avoid any kind of shock and trauma on your toes. Make sure to not make your toe wet until you see your doctor again.

The complete recovery process after the toenail surgery takes around 4-6 weeks. You can continue with your regular routine activities but you should avoid sports activities or anything that may cause trauma or disturb the operation site. You should visit the podiatrist and schedule a follow-up meeting for a regular check-up of the toe and change the dressing. Our team at Delhi Skin Hospital is always ready to work on your concerns after the nail removal operation.

It is totally normal to worry about the pain you will have to go through during and after the nail removal surgery. The only slight pain you will have to suffer from is during the injection used by the doctor while providing anaesthesia to the toe. 

Once your toe gets numb, you will not feel any pain and after the procedure, your toe will be covered by a protective dressing. You just need to take care that you don't knock your toe against something. 

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