Acne Scar surgeries

An acne scar removal surgery in Sirsa, Haryana is performed to get rid of acne scars that have not responded in a positive way to any type of non-surgical treatments and treatments. Acne is one of the common skin diseases that occur due to blockage of hair follicles. This blockage occurs due to excess production of oil called sebum. You can resolve the problem of acne by taking appropriate medicines. In some cases, acne leaves behind scars. These scars are fiber tissues that get laid when the skin is healing while reducing acne. Acne scar removal surgery in Sirsa, Haryana will help you to reduce these scars and give exposure to healthy skin.

An experienced dermatologist at Delhi Skin Hospital will give you suggestions and tips to prepare for acne scar removal surgery. A dermatologist may also suggest some ointments or lotions for application on the skin a few days before the surgery. Make sure that you don't follow any home remedies or other ointments that make your skin dry or red. If you have dry skin, it will increase the healing time after the surgery. It can also cause complications during the surgery. Make sure to wash your face every day with cold water. Tie a scarf or use a hat before stepping out of the house. You should also apply sunscreen prescribed by your dermatologist. However, everyone has different skin and these pre-operative measures can differ from person to person.

  • After the acne removal surgery in Sirsa, Haryana, you will be advised to use some creams and ointments on the face prescribed by the doctor. If you skip the application of these prescribed ointments, the process of healing will get delayed. It can even cause dryness in the skin. You should avoid applying any cream and ointment without a doctor's prescription.
  • Hydrating the skin internally after acne surgery is another crucial part of skin care. Drinking a lot of fluids, including water, will help you do this. Fresh vegetable and fruit juices will nourish your skin's outer layer while also giving your body the vital vitamins and minerals it needs. Consuming coconut water is a great way to improve the skin's moisture content right away.


  • Make a habit of exercising daily. This will help you to improve the blood circulation in the body and give your skin a nice and warm glow. You can also try various combinations of running, jogging, swimming, yoga, and cardio. Avoid the consumption of nicotine and alcohol during the healing process of your skin.


  • It's crucial to establish a skin care routine that works for you. It is advised to wash your face at least twice a day with cold or lukewarm water to remove any dust and pollution particles that may have become embedded in your skin.

  • Exfoliation is required once a week to remove dead skin cells. Before going to bed at night, do your routine of cleaning, toning, and moisturising. To improve the texture and appearance of skin, use products that don't contain chemicals.

  • There are no major complications and risks associated with the acne scar removal surgery in Sirsa, Haryana. You will feel a little discomfort and uneasiness for some time after the surgery. 
  • After some days, you will feel comfortable but there will be some redness on the face. Dermatologists in Delhi Skin Hospital will prescribe you some medications or ointments to reduce redness. 
  • There may be some swellness also on the face after surgery. In some days all signs of surgery will disappear. If you notice anything abnormal on your skin, contact your dermatologist as early as possible.

Surgery is one of the most effective ways to get rid of raised acne scars.

  • Indented acne scars: If you have an indented scar, the doctor will lift it closer to the skin surgically and make it less noticeable. This process is also suitable for treatment of a few depressed scars.
  • Punch techniques: Punch Techniques are also used by doctors for very deeply indented acne scars. This technique involves elevating, removing, or replacing the scar with a small skin graft.
  • Raised acne scars: People who have raised acne scars have to experience a recurrence following surgery. Due to this the doctor recommends a complementary acne scar treatment to help you to reduce or prevent the recurrence.
  • Complementary acne scar treatment involves radiation or injections. This combination of injections with surgery is one of the most effective treatments for raised acne scars.

Non Surgical acne scar treatments include:


This process requires injecting a medicine right into the scars to flatten and soften them. These injections are usually applied once every few weeks and are prescribed by a dermatologist. If your condition doesn't improve after some injections, surgery can be required.


This process involves freezing of acne scars to reduce their appearance on the skin. It is suitable for certain raised scars.


This process involves insertion of a needle below the acne scar and moving it out in a fanning motion. It also aims to balance collagen production that can further improve the appearance of the skin.

Laser resurfacing

This process involves passing off the light wavelengths across the skin to stimulate the production of extra collagen. It will reduce the appearance of edges of acne scars and make them less noticeable.

Chemical peels

This process involves application of a chemical solution that will cause peeling out of the outermost layer of the skin and also stimulate new skin growth. It can be helpful for treating depressed acne scars.

Skin tightening

This procedure involves the usage of radiofrequency to make the skin tight raised acne scars less visible. Radiofrequency involves the usage of an electromagnetic device. This device produces heat and triggers collagen production and leads to the generation of new skin cells.

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