Delhi Skin Hospital

Delhi skin hospital Welcome to Delhi Skin Hospital and cosmetology centre. We provide the most advanced and innovative skin, hair and nail care in a hygienic, relaxed and refreshing environment. DSH dealing with the common skin needs such as enhancement of normal skin  solution for pimples, acne scare, uneven skin tone, pigmentation, melisma, Hair Fall, wrinkles and problem of aged skin.  We offers the most advanced and  latest  technique in hair transplant  and surgical applications for scars, tattoo, frekles, wrinkles, mole, acne and vitiligo. We offers  laser treatment for unwanted hair on face and body. Hair Dermatologist are the true trichology’s, so it will be safe to consult with a board certified dermatologist for hair problems. There are plenty of reasons for hair fall like dandruffs, thyroid disorders, hormonal imbalance in females, nutritional deficiencies, stress, improper hair care. The other test done at DSH are trichogram, tracheoscopy, hair shaft defect analysis by microscopy and scalp biopsy. We offers medical and surgical treatment based on the cause of hair fall. DSH offers PRP ( platelet rich plasma) therapy for hair loss and skin rejuvenation. Scalp micropigmentation a non surgical therapy for hair loss is being offered for men and women. DSH offers the unique and personalized solution to the concern. Transplant A well trained team of HT surgeon and technicians perform the various hair transplant techniques for men and women. DSH offers FUE,FUT for beard and hair transplant. About Dr Prabhash:

With numerous national and international publications to her credit, Dr. Prabash believes that patient education, compassion, and personalised treatment make each dermatology visit rewarding and effective. She has a very strong interest in patient education and patient advocacy while combining the latest in skincare

Going beyond what is expected is at the heart of Dr. Prabash’s approach. He strongly believes every patient must be considered as a person first and foremost. Only then can technical expertise be used to its greatest advantage – translating subtle nuances into a more positive self-image through medical procedure. Dr. Prabash sees his role as being a combination of technician, artist, teacher and a guardian. Patients have so many choices today, but not every doctor has expertise and skills like Dr Prabash.

A good dermatologist  might have the technical skill, but a great dermatologist recognizes their role as a guardian doctor and encompasses a psychological and social element and serve his patients with all his heart..